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Real Estate

Commercial Leasing
The firm has a substantial commercial leasing practice. For our tenant clients, including several major companies having nationwide space needs, the firm oversees the full range of tenant action, starting with the preparation of "requests for proposals" and letters of intent, through the negotiation of the leases and work letters and, after the lease has been executed, continuing with the administration of the lease, including review of non-disturbance agreements, preparation of subleases and participation in the review of landlord action. Our construction and leasing groups work together in handling issues associated with space build-outs. Over the last several years, we have negotiated lease transactions totaling many hundreds of thousands of square feet throughout the United States, with single transactions of up to 500,000 square feet. For our landlord clients here in New York and up and down the east coast we prepare and negotiate letters of intent and leases and review tenant requests for action.

Acquisitions, Development and Sales
We counsel clients in acquisitions, development and sales of virtually all types of commercial properties throughout the country, ranging from residential garden apartment complexes to high rise office towers. Our clients include one of the nation's largest real estate pension fund advisors, which the firm has represented in the purchase and sale of more than $500,000,000 worth of real property each year for the past several years.

Real Estate Financing
We represent several domestic and international banks and other institutional financiers in their real estate based loan transactions and our other real estate clients as borrowers, in every kind of secured and unsecured financings in connection with specific acquisitions and developments and the non-asset based financing of their businesses. In addition, as the business cycles fluctuate, we have frequently been called upon to restructure and negotiate work-outs of troubled loans.

Attorney in this Practice Area
Edward Goodman, Partner
Deborah N. Korman, Associate
Shane O’Neill, Partner
Amol K. Pachnanda, Partner
Neal Weinstein, Partner
David J. Zinberg, Partner