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Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP
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Construction & Design

Ingram Yuzek represents many design professionals as well as owners, contractors and subcontractors. We counsel architectural and engineering firms, from individual practices to large national firms. We are able to tailor the services to meet the individual needs of all clients. In addition to drafting and negotiating scores of agreements yearly, we also represent architects and engineers in disputes throughout the United States, involving issues such as delay, cost overruns and negligent preparation of plans, drawings and specifications. We have extensive experience in litigating these disputes through trial or arbitration.

We draft and negotiate agreements from the owner/developer's perspective as well. We represent owners in claims against design professionals and contractors involving, for example, faulty construction, negligent design, delay, and payment disputes.

The firm also counsels construction managers, general contractors and trade contractors in drafting and negotiating agreements, and in claims that arise from construction projects.

Because we have experience representing all parties in the construction process, we are involved in project management. Moreover, we able to quickly identify the issues in a dispute and cut through the reams of documents generated in a complex project to focus on the critical factors which will aid in a prompt resolution. Because we provide a full range of legal services – including real estate, tax and corporate – we are able to meet all of our design professional and construction industry clients' legal needs, such as performing services in the transition of ownership and mergers and acquisitions.

Attorneys in this Practice Area
Larry F. Gainen, Partner
Robert Banner, Partner
Melissa T. Billig, Partner
Jessica L. Rothman, Partner
Kimberly L. Quintano, Associate
Joseph M. Conley, Associate
Maurizio Anglani, Associate