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Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP
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Commercial Litigation

Ingram Yuzek maintains an active and diversified civil litigation practice, representing corporate, institutional, banking and individual clients in all commercial areas. We practice before federal and state trial and appeal courts and arbitration panels in New York and other jurisdictions around the country. Our litigators have extensive expertise in commercial litigation practice areas including, for example, real estate, banking (including lender liability and complex foreclosure actions), intellectual property, employment disputes, partnership and shareholder disputes and dissolutions, judgment enforcement, licensing, antitrust, insurance coverage, and asbestos-related property damage and cost recovery actions.

We are experienced, and highly successful, trial attorneys. We believe, though, that litigation should occur only after fully exhausting all reasonable alternatives. We counsel our clients extensively on litigation avoidance by anticipating potential problem areas and developing appropriate long-term strategies. Where conflict cannot be avoided, we are committed to exploring all means of prompt resolution with the paramount objective of obtaining the best possible outcomes on a cost-effective basis. Our adversaries recognize—based on our reputation and collective record in the courts—that we are fully prepared to litigate and try cases if those efforts fail, which places us in the strongest position to negotiate and accomplish the most favorable resolution for our clients.

Attorneys in this Practice Area
Robert Banner, Partner
Caitlin L. Bronner, Partner
Daniel L. Carroll, Partner
Yee Wah Chin, Counsel
David G. Ebert, Partner
John G. Nicolich, Partner
Evan T. Raciti, Associate
Mioko C. Tajika, Partner
Dean G. Yuzek, Partner
Jennifer B. Zourigui, Partner